Guiding Clients To Successful Adoptions

At Lisha A. Prater, LLC, we take great joy in bringing families together through the adoption process. If you are planning on adopting a child, it is important to handle all of the paperwork and legal details properly. A mistake or oversight could create unnecessary delay and expense. We are here to help you make this adoption as successful and stress free as possible.

Stepparent Adoptions

We can handle all aspects of the stepparent adoption process, including the termination of the biological parent's parental rights. If the child is 14 years of age or older, his or her consent is required. In most cases, the biological parent consents to the adoption. If this is not the case, further legal steps must be taken. Whatever your circumstance, we can provide you with the effective representation you need.

Family Adoptions

We also represent grandparents, aunts, uncles and other families who are seeking to adopt children. If you wish to adopt a grandchild, niece, nephew or other relation in Missouri, we can advise you of your rights and obligations.

Help With The Adoption Process

Let us know how we can help you begin this new chapter in the life of your family. Our attorney and staff are here to help. Contact us online or by telephone at 417-459-4390 to arrange a consultation with a Springfield family lawyer who is experienced handling the adoption process in Missouri.