Child Support & Alimony

Child support and alimony are cut from the same cloth. Both of these elements of a divorce deal with the money that either spouse will have available on a monthly basis in order to continue maintaining and providing a financially sound life for him or herself and the children.

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Each of these areas is often highly contested. By retaining a thorough, forward-thinking attorney, you are preparing yourself for the best outcome possible.

  • Child support is determined based on a set of guidelines. Deviation from these guidelines is allowed by agreement or by a judge based on specific facts and circumstances. How much contact each parent will have with the child and the financial status of each parent will also be taken into consideration to determine if deviation is appropriate. However, the state-mandated calculation is the presumed correct amount and will usually be followed by the court. Additionally, a 50-50 custody does not result in neither parent paying child support.
  • Alimony, or maintenance or spousal support, as it is also known, is always a hot topic in a divorce. According to the reasonable needs standards set forth by the state of Missouri, if one or both parties cannot make ends meet without the financial support of the other, a plan may be put into place that best supports both sides.

At Lisha A. Prater, LLC, Ms. Prater understands that you want what you believe is owed to you. However, the truth is, divorce is not fair. By taking one household and dividing it into two, you are drastically impacting the previous balance. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience, attorney Prater strives for the best outcome possible by listening intently to her clients. But instead of offering false hopes and promises, she is dedicated to providing straightforward legal advice and realistic expectations.

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