Adult And Minor Guardianships

When a person is unable to make sound decisions for him or herself, and they have not previously prepared any powers of attorney, it may be necessary to establish a guardianship. A guardianship gives one person the legal authority to make decisions regarding the welfare of another. In this relationship, the person the guardian is caring for is often known as the ward.

A conservatorship often goes hand in hand with a guardianship. A conservatorship allows a person to make financial-related decisions for an incapacitated individual.

If you are the parent of a disabled child, you can no longer act on their behalf when they reach the age of 18. You need to have yourself or other trusted individual appointed to serve in that capacity. When the ward is an adult, the guardianship or conservatorship does not end until a court deems the ward is competent.

If a family member or friend has entrusted you with the care of their child(ren) then you will need either a Power of Attorney for the Care of a Child or you will need to obtain a Guardianship over the child so that you are able to enroll the child in school, take the child to the doctor and in all other respects act as a custodian for the child.

Establishing guardianships and conservatorships can be a stressful, complex process. These matters can often be avoided by establishing durable powers of attorney in advance of incapacity.

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