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Understanding The Benefits Of Elder Law

Older adults often have different legal needs than younger adults do. The recent death of a spouse, the onset of physical illnesses or mental incapacity can make a once robust person vulnerable. These changes for an older person can be overwhelming. Lack of prior estate planning or asset protection can make matters worse.

An elder law attorney focuses on many areas of the law. One of the lawyer’s primary goals is protecting a person’s hard-earned assets, money and property from devastating consequences. Long-term health care costs in a nursing home and unscrupulous family members taking advantage of the frailty of their parents have left many older adults destitute.

At Lisha A. Seery, LLC, we have been helping people of all ages explore viable legal strategies to protect their property, businesses and other assets for over 20 years. We understand it is never a convenient time to consider what will happen if you need to enter a nursing home or assisted living or health care facility. However, the best time to prepare for the future is when you have mental competency to do so. Planning ahead with the help of an elder law attorney gives you greater options. You choose a trusted person to speak on your behalf in a durable power of attorney. When you plan ahead, you can state your intentions for distributing your assets to whom you wish. You are also in charge of your medical treatment options when you create your advance health care directive. If you wait too long, your family may have the added expense and complication of petitioning the court for an adult guardianship to handle your affairs for you.

Can An Elder Law Attorney Help Me Sort Out VA Benefits And Medicaid Issues?

At Lisha A. Seery, LLC, in Springfield, we are well-versed in safeguarding assets while maintaining eligibility for VA benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security Supplemental Security Income and other streams of income. Do not delay taking the key steps to secure the care you need without losing everything you worked so hard for during your life.

If you have applied for VA benefits or Medicaid previously and been denied, attorney Lisha Prater Seery and our legal team can help. Sometimes applications submitted with incomplete information are denied. We can review your circumstances and guide you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Planning For Health Care Needs Can Protect Your Assets

After carefully evaluating your life circumstances and potential health care needs, we can help you plan for a less worrisome future. Estate planning is a big part of effective elder law solutions. You can be confident in the efficient elder law advocacy provided at Lisha A. Seery, LLC.

Elder law advocacy is a multidimensional approach to solving problems older people struggle with. To schedule your initial consultation with us, call 417-459-4390 or email our firm today. We can also answer your questions about probate in Missouri.

We offer a military discount for those who have served 10 or more years, or are currently serving. We offer evening appointments. Ask us about our flexible payment options.